Sun rising over still water in Swden i early ay.

Chase Jarvis on the dirty secret of photogaphy

The dirty secret of photography?

Hope you’re following 30 days of excellence on Creative live. It’s a great series of interviews with interesting people. The host, Chase Jarvis, just posted this video on “The dirtiest secret in photography” with some really interesting thoughts on inspiration.

Stockholm city hall on Kungsholmen in gray dull light on a February morning.

Stockholm with camera

Will you be traveling to Stockholm this summer and looking for photo locations? I wrote a few posts about about good photo locations in Stockholm that are easily accessible to anyone at anytime. Find the first of my posts here.

Black Phottix cable release with paracord taped to the back to act as a hanger

Hack your cable release

If you’re using a cable release for long exposures or intervals shoots, check out this little tip that can prevent you from breaking it or, even worse, your camera.