Rectangular Instagram

I love Instagram. It’s great. But the square format can be limiting. Sometimes i’ve had great pictures that i wanted to share, but i couldn’t because they didn’t work when cropped to a square format. I even wrote a post whining about this. Well, stupid me, there’s nothing stopping you from posting your rectangular images on Instagram. Let me show you how.

Let’s say you have a landscape-format image like this one and you want to share it on Instagram.


The maximum size of an image to be uploaded to Instagram is 2048 x 2048 pixel, so we’ll begin by resizing our image so that the long side is 2048 px. Actually, Instagram will resize your image down to 612 x 612 px, so don’t worry if the long side of your image is smaller than 2048.

Go to the menu Image->Image size and set the width of your image to 2048 pixels. The height of the image will automatically adjust proportionally.


The next step is to make your image square. Go to the menu Image->Canvas size. Change the height setting to 2048. Also select the extension color below. This is the color that the new area will get. I prefer black.

Canvas size

Now save your image. If you want to keep your original file intact (you should), use the File->Save for web menu option to make a new file and close your original file without saving it to avoid overwriting it.

There you go, your rectangular image in a square format, ready to be published on Instagram. A great way of doing that, can be found in this post about Instagram workflow.

Landscape image made square

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