Head full

The past year, i’ve spent an incredible amount learning about photography related stuff, mostly post-processing, workflow and organization with Lightroom. One day, i suddenly felt like i didn’t want to read yet another tutorial or watch yet another online course. I didn’t even feel like plowing through another batch of beautiful stunning images on 500px or Flickr. My head was full. So i took a few weeks off to digest everything.

I think i can honestly say i am now at a point where i’m good enough at Lightroom and Photoshop that i could teach beginner and intermediate users. That’s great. Goal accomplished. It’s time for the next step. I want to spend less time processing images and more time taking them, so that’s where my focus will be now. There’s so much to learn and explore in the area of taking pictures and that’s where i’m moving my focus. I have no specific plans right now. Well, actually i do, but i’ll keep them to myself until i’m ready to commit to them.

Please stay tuned. If you have the time, check out my other site: www.weedobooty.com, where i keep my galleries most of the time.

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