Autumn in the park surrounding Svatsjö slott on Färingsö, Ekeröö, Sweden

Ami Vitale at the Stockholm photo fair

handboll Damer 4A Ski IK mot HK Rosers. Matchen slutade 18-26

A new handball season!

The girls are playing handball again. New team, new league, new players and new energy. See all the photos here.

Fallen autumn leaves on a cold water surface

Entering the dark season

Autumn is not just gray and darkness. Check out some of my recent photos here.

Thomas Heaton YouTube channel

Check out this YouTube channel

If you’re into photography in general and landscape photography in particular, there’s someone you need to know about on YouTube – Thomas Heaton. He takes you out to the mountains, beaches and forests to take gorgeous photos and the production just keeps getting better in every episode. Check out his YouTube channel here.


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