My workflow for handball games

Windows-copy from card to disk

Import to Lightroom, add keywords, smart preview and 1-1 preview.

Picking using Survey (N), looking at batches of six. Pick and reject.

Now i delete all the rejected images. I am not sentimental about bad images. I just delete them.

Star rating and keywording

The next step is to rate the photos using stars and to keyword them. Keyworking can be done in a few different ways. You can either select one or many images and go to the keyword field (by pressing ctrl+K) and type in as many keywords as you like, separated by commas, or you can load the spray can with ine or many keywords and spray the keywords onto the images. To use the spray can, you must be in the library view (ctrl+G).

General preset

I run a preset on all images that adds noise reduction and sharpening and adds a bit of clarity and vibrance. Since i will cull out 70-80%, the preset is applied after the rejected images are gone.

Adjustments with auto-synch for stacks of images

Rename all images – for the web, names that Google can use

All editing in external software, for instance Photoshop, happens after the files have been renamed. This is important, because if you rename your files after your external edits, your edit files will still have their own name, which then no longer corresponds to the original file’s name.

Selection for my web

Selection for my portfoliio, which are my favorite images

Selection for Flickr, 500px, Facebook

Selection for Instagram
-square virtual copies for different crop

Fill out title and caption

Export with watermark

Convert all the images to DNG

Crashplan backup overnight

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