Are you getting enough pictures of yourself

If you’re anything like me, you’re behind the camera at all occasions. But think about it – some day you, your children, your grandchildren or someone else may be looking for pictures of you and your lifetime here on the planet, but there will not be many because you were the one taking all the pictures. Make sure you pass your camera around and get in a few pictures yourself. It will create such valuable memories.

So anyway, here i am, on the right, in the bar of the Meridien hotel in Nice. The picture will forever remind me that just minutes later, my new compact camera fell off the table and broke. I will also remember a sore toe that made walking hell. I’ll remember an excellent programming discussion in this bar with my son and also the experience of going from the sunny and hot outside to the chilling airconditioned coolness in this snazzy french riviera hotel bar.

All that in one single picture. Not bad, huh?

The guy behind the camera

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