Workshop i matfotografering

Jag har burit på en idé om att fotografera mat i några år. För ett par år sen, köpte jag en kurs om matfoto på Creative Live. Jag tyckte det verkade jättekul, men det har inte […]

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Jag byter språk

To any readers who are used to reading my rants in english: I will be writing in swedish from now on. It’s a great opportunity for you to get started learning a new language. Swedish […]

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Six things you’re doing wrong with your smartphone camera

Not backing up your photos Please think about this before it’s too late. It makes me cringe when i hear people tell stories about lost or broken phones that end with “and now all my […]

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Photographing in the cold

In “I don’t live today”, Jimi Hendrix sings “…no sun coming through my window. Feel like i’m living at the bottom of grave”. An american friend of mine who spent a winter in Sweden said […]

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The cloning project from hell

I have a photo of a german Hetzer tank destroyer that i shot at the Overloon Oorlogsmuseum in the Netherlands last fall. I wanted to isolate the tank so that i can use it in […]

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