Portfolio project – Mojitos

I’m building my food and drink portfolio and i wanted to create some drink shots. I made it a little personal project to shoot mojitos. Mojito – what’s that? If you don’t already know what […]

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How to make tabletops for food photography

When you’re photographing food, your tabletops and backgrounds are important. Luckily, making your own tabletops is pretty simple. Let me show you how i make mine. I make my own tabletops from MDF board. MDF […]

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At the PSK street music festival

It’s been a while now, but in May i had the opportunity to be part of the photographer crew at the PSK music festival. My company has been working with PSK Events, who are the […]

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A charging station for my camera batteries

You know what it’s like – your chargers are either missing or tangled up in a mess every time you need them. So were mine – until recently. I have a couple of Nikon DSLRs, […]

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Amending a bad decision

Back in May, i made a decision to change the language on my blog and my site to swedish. I’m not going to say “I don’t know what i was thinking”, because i do, but […]

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