Monthly Archives: December 2012


Hey – where’d my icons go?

I lost the minimize, maximize and close icons in Adobe Lightroom. What to do? It turned out i was running in one of the full screen modes of the tool. I pressed the F key […]

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Failures are for learning

Some projects don’t work out like you hoped. I had decided to make some soap film pictures today. First, i spent an hour in the garage, building a rig to hold the soap frame and […]

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I love the pen tool

A few months ago, i was watching a tutorial on Youtube about the pen tool in Photoshop. It felt impossible to master it and i remember the person in the tutorial saying -“this is the […]

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Those grungy edges – i figured it out

For quite a while, i’ve been looking at those grungy looking edges that some people put on their images. I believe Instagram does it sometimes too. I found a bunch of turorials on Youtube, but […]

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