Monthly Archives: August 2013


My long overdue upgrade to Photoshop CC

OK, i’ve made up my mind. I will upgrade my Photoshop license. I’ve been using Photoshop CS5 for quite a while and i thought i was doing just fine with that, but lately i’ve attended […]

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Upgrade to a new camera?

I use a Nikon D90. I love it. I really haven’t thought about replacing it, since i still consider it “my new camera”. However, i’ve had it for at least four years and there’s a […]

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Are you backing up your pictures?

The backup process that sucked I had a backup process. It was so stupid i’m ashamed to tell anyone about it, but i will. If i can save someone from losing her pictures the way […]

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20130805-DSC_0015 as Smart Object-1.jpg

I got my dream model to sit for me

Every once in a while, i manage to talk my daughter into modeling for me. This might be in the eyes of the beholder, but i think she’s really photogenic and pretty cute on top […]

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A eureka moment

I love to cook. I love baking too. And i’m pretty passionate about photography. Also, i  must be pretty stupid because i never thought of combining these passions. However, i had a eureka moment a […]

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