Monthly Archives: August 2014


Lightroom noise reduction explained

Since i just posted about sharpening, i’ll write one more about noise reduction. Sharpening and noise reduction go hand in hand and in Lightroom, they’re located on the same tab – the one named “Detail”. […]

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Lightroom sharpening explained

First of all, let’s make one thing clear. Sharpening will not save your bad blurry images. That’s not what this functions is about. It’s about improving an already good and sharp image. How much sharpening […]

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Get on your belly for better images of your pet

You see a lot of pictures of people’s dogs and cats these days. Very often, they’re taken from a standing up position, with the pet sitting below looking up. This might be how you most […]

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My Instagram workflow

I thought i’d share with you how i work with my Instagram images. Most of my Instagram images are shot using my DSLR or my point-and-shoot camera. I’ll bring my images into Lightroom and tag […]

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