Monthly Archives: September 2014


Rectangular Instagram

I love Instagram. It’s great. But the square format can be limiting. Sometimes i’ve had great pictures that i wanted to share, but i couldn’t because they didn’t work when cropped to a square format. […]

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Understand the exposure triangle

If you’re getting into photography, there will usually be someone a little more experienced there who starts telling you about shutter speeds and apertures and maybe you even try to get it, but you just […]

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Have you tried 32-bit HDR?

When HDR photography appeared a few years ago, photographers were all over it, but it seems to have lost its popularity, and honestly, i understand why. Traditional HDR can be pretty tacky, like this horrible […]

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Lightroom clarity explained

Have you used clarity? If you’re a Lightroom user, i hope you have. Clarity is almost like magic – it simply makes images look better. I use it a lot. But do you know what […]

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Gonzo photography

I’ve come to realize lately, that purposely blurred pictures can be incredibly beautiful. Motion blur can bring an abstract dimension to otherwise simple subjects and make interesting images. This is my first attempt at drive-by-photography. […]

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