Monthly Archives: October 2014


Vibrance or saturation?

If you’re a Lightroom or Adobe Camera Raw user, you might have noticed two sliders named Vibrance and Saturation. If you haven’t noticed them yet, keep reading. You need to know this. Vibrance and saturation […]

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Are you getting enough pictures of yourself

If you’re anything like me, you’re behind the camera at all occasions. But think about it – some day you, your children, your grandchildren or someone else may be looking for pictures of you and […]

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How to make panoramas

Have you ever tried making panoramas? Maybe you’re not sure what panoramas are? Well, it’s when two or more images are merged together to form one extra-wide image. They’re not that difficult to make actually. […]

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About a year ago, our friends got these two bengal cats, that i went over to photograph for an afternoon. That resulted in this post. I recently found out that one of them was pregnant, […]

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How to crop your images

Sometimes you may want to crop your images. If you don’t know how to do this yet, keep reading and in a few minutes, you’ll understand exactly how to do it. Cropping means cutting your […]

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