Monthly Archives: November 2014


I just had a hit on 500px

I post pictures on 500px sometimes. Yesterday i had one of those pictures that took off and made popular level. A smash hit. Thank you. It’s got kind of a funny story to it. It […]

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Correcting my not-so-good rating system

I have a system for rating my images in Lightroom. I don’t remember how i came up with it, but i realized a few days ago that it makes no sense. Here’s what i’ve been […]

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Hold your camera still? Hell no!

I really enjoy experimenting with motion blurred images. One subject that particularly often ends up as really nice abstract images is trees. Taking pictures like these is very simple. Set your camera to shutter speed […]

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How to remove power lines with Photoshop

Do you have a picture with distracting power lines, flag poles or antennas? Let me show you how incredibly simple it is to get rid of that stuff using Photoshop. I had this image of […]

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