Alpes across lake Geneva from Montreux

A trip to Switzerland

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We took a trip to Switzerland for five days. I didn’t know a lot about the country and we didn’t do a whole lot of research in advance. I brought a couple of cameras of course, my DSLR and my point-and-shoot. No tripod. I was thinking this could be a good opportunity to scout for future travel with photography in …

Runestone in Törnby, Färingsö, Sweden. This one was made in the Viking ages sometime around 1060-1100


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I wrote a post not too long ago with some ideas i had about approaching the area where you live like a travel photographer from somewhere else. Well, where i live, we have something pretty unique. This is where the vikings lived a thousand years ago. There are lots of relics from that age: grave mounds and stone circles and stuff. …