Frosty trees in cold January winter weather against a blue sky.

Photographing in the cold

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In “I don’t live today”, Jimi Hendrix sings “…no sun coming through my window. Feel like i’m living at the bottom of grave”. An american friend of mine who spent a winter in Sweden said he thought Hendrix must have written that in Sweden. He may be right, because Jimi Hendrix did indeed spend some time in Sweden. Anyhow, it …

Hetzer tank destroyer at the Overloon Oorlogsmuseum in Holland

The cloning project from hell

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I have a photo of a german Hetzer tank destroyer that i shot at the Overloon Oorlogsmuseum in the Netherlands last fall. I wanted to isolate the tank so that i can use it in a composite. This turned out to be the most ambitious cloning project i’ve ever done in Photoshop. If you look at the photo below, you …