Monthly Archives: December 2017


My three favourite photography YouTubers

I follow a few photography channels on on YouTube. I thought i’d share my current top-three-list with you so you can enjoy them too. Here they are in no particular order: Peter McKinnon Here’s the […]

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Three ways to look your best in photos

Are you one of those people who says “i never look good in photos”? Did you know there are a few tricks that will guarantee that you look a lot better in front of the […]

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Image compositing tutorial

I just finished a tutorial on image compositing at that i’ve been working on for a while: “Photoshop compositing – Essential tools and techniques“. It’s about 7.5 hours of working through two different composite […]

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How to post panoramas on Instagram

If you’re using Instagram, i’m sure you have seen these posts that first look like they’re a series of images, but when you swipe left, it turns out to be a wide image. Let me […]

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