Peter Lik Moonlit dreams fake or not

Peter Lik moonlit dreams

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There’s been a lot of controversy in the photography corners of the internet lately about a photography by Peter Lik, called “Moonlit dreams”. I have visited Peter Liks galleries in Las Vegas and New York many times and somehow managed to get myself registered as a collector. I am not a collector, but i may have appeared to be when …

New Lightroom version new features

New Lightroom version

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Maybe you noticed there was a new Lightroom Classic release last week. It’s a minor release, but it’s got some new features i really like. Let me show you some of the improvements they made: Search function in the folder panel Nice. Now you can filter your folder list with this search field in the top of the folders panel. …

Instagram housekeeping photo by fotograf Mats Andersson, Stenhamra, Ekerö

Instagram housekeeping

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I’m merciless on Instagram. I want my flow to be interesting and inspiring. For this reason, i regularly clean up my follow list. I don’t put up with old friend’s vacation photos or pet shots. Post a selfie and you’re out Usually if someone posts a selfie, i drop them immediately. If you’re not inspiring, creative, funny or interesting – …