A eureka moment

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I love to cook. I love baking too. And i’m pretty passionate about photography. Also, i  must be pretty stupid because i never thought of combining these passions. However, i had a eureka moment a few weeks ago, when i stumbled upon a food photography course with Andrew Scrivani at creativelive.com. At CreativeLive, you can watch courses online live and if you want, you can buy them afterwards as HD mov files. And well… I did both. It was a three-day course that covers everything from propping, styling, lighting and gear to copyrighting and the business side of food photography.

Such great inspiration. It turns out you don’t need a fancy-schmanzy $10000 lighting rig to shoot food, just natural light. Andrew also showed how to use artificial light in the form of simple clamp lights. I figured i have all that. What’s stopping me? Get started and keep going!

Natural light will be an issue in the winter here in Sweden, but i’ll deal with that.

Here’s one of my first baby steps down the food photography road.


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