Alpes across lake Geneva from Montreux

A trip to Switzerland

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We took a trip to Switzerland for five days. I didn’t know a lot about the country and we didn’t do a whole lot of research in advance. I brought a couple of cameras of course, my DSLR and my point-and-shoot. No tripod. I was thinking this could be a good opportunity to scout for future travel with photography in focus.

European Union, Swiss and Geneva canton flags in Geneva

We came to Genève and it was all springy and nice. We had dinner outside for the first time this year and it was very warm. A nice change from the freezing rainy May we’ve had in Sweden. I saw this couple enjoying some cider and life in general and i had to get a picture. I wish i could send it to them.

Old town, Geneva, Switzerland. This older couple en joying a beer on one of the first days of spring. They talked and laughed and seemed to enjoy life.

The forecast for the next day was rain and unfortunately it was correct. We drove around lake Genève on the small roads, through Lausanne and over to Montreux. Montreux was very beautiful. Across the lake, there were signs of high mountains below the clouds.

Black and white image of mountains in Montreux with couds

Towards the evening, it started clearing up and we got the first view of the alps. Very impressive mountains indeed. We drove a bit up the Rhône valley and headed back home when the sun started giving up on us.

Alpes in Switzerland untitled shoot-124-HDR

We got a look at the Freddie Mercury statue before heading back to our hotel. I was never much of a Queen fan, but i did see them live once. They were great and Freddie was quite a charismatic character. He lived the last years of his life in Montreux.

The Freddie Mercury statue in Montreux, Switzerland, facing the Geneva lake.

Contrary to weather forecasts, the next day was beautiful. I got up pretty early to check the view across the lake and it was stunning. I just wish i’d set my alarm and gotten up even earlier to catch the morning light. I got quite a few shots of these mountains across the lake. I missed my tripod. I will not travel without a tripod again.

Alpes across lake Geneva from Montreux


Alpes across lake Geneva from MontreuxNext stop was Neuchatel, northwest from Montreux. We had beautiful weather and views but it was pretty hazy and not very exciting for photography. I had high hopes on the mountains northwest of Neuchatel, but they weren’t spectacular at all. Instead, i had the opportunity to shoot some street photography. All these places were great for that. All you need is people.

A man waiting for someone, sitting on a fountain in Neuchatel, Switzerland.

This one i took while waiting for the flight back home. This guy was sitting across from me and the light hit him perfectly. There’s great light in this airport. Don’t check your camera.

Some swedish guy waiting for the same plane as me in Geneva, Switzerland. The light was interesting and i just had to get a picture of it.

Switzerland turned out to be a great place. Clean and safe. People are nice and friendly and speak english really well. The food is great and the cheese – oh my God the cheese. Love it! However, it’s an expensive country. If you’re looking for landscapes to shoot, i’m pretty sure the southeast is the place to go. There’s plenty of spectacular mountains there. In retrospect, i wish we’d gone up the Rhône valley after Montreux. Next time.

Steamboat on Lake Geneva near Montreux

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