Close up of grafitti on the Berlin wall

Berlin street photography

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I just got back from a short mini vacation in Berlin. This was by no means a photography trip. I didn’t get up early to shoot in morning light. Nor did i get out at night to shoot, but of course i brought a camera. I wanted to travel light, so i just brought my Fujifilm X100T with a little Gorillapod. Here’s a Berlin skyline panorama, shot from Panoramapunkt Berlin on Potzdamer platz.

Panorama shot of the Berlin skyline with the TV tower

I’ve never been to Berlin before. I found the city really interesting. It has a fantastic history filled with dramatic events such as the national socialist years in he 1930’s, the second world war, where a good part of the city was destroyed, the cold war where the city was divided by the wall and then the reunion in 1989-90, where Berlin regained its status as the capitol of Germany. I spent half a day in the german history museum and learned a lot of interesting stuff.

The Berlin wall

If you’re into shooting famous buildings and landmarks, you’ll like Berlin. But that’s not my thing. However, the Berlin wall really fascinates me. It’s hard to imagine how people were separated from friends and family that happened to live on the other side of where the wall was raised. The berliners must have hated it and clearly, the joy was enormous when it was finally opened in late 1989 and was cleared away in the years after.

One of the few parts of the Berlin wall that have been kept.

The holocaust monument

We walked past (and through) the holocaust monument. It’s made up of  something like 2700 concrete blocks raised in area near Brandenburger Tor. I’m sure you can get some interesting photos here if you have and plan, some time and patience (which i did not). Next time i get here, i’ll set aside a little more time to make beautiful abstract photos of this place.

The holocaust memorial in Berlin.

Abstract shot from the holocaust monument in Berlin, Germany.

Street photography

From what i’ve heard, it’s illegal to take a photo of someone in public without their permission in Germany. I don’t ask permission when i do street photography. I hope i don’t get in trouble for these shots, which i took while sitting around, watching people. I’d say Berlin is a great place for street photography with it’s busy street life with people from all parts of the world. It’s not as polished as many other big cities, which i like.

Elederly couple taking a break outside a café in Berlin.

Tourists in Hackesche höfe, Berlin

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