Free Lightroom preset for a blue toned desaturated soft look

The blue Lightroom preset

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It’s about time for a free Lightroom preset again. Maybe i should say Lightroom Classic, which is the new name of the product. I’m a strong advocate for learning to create your own Lightroom presets. Put in the time to learn and develop your skills and save the best settings as presets. If you’re buying presets, it should only be to dissect them and learn how they’re made. For a few more of my free Lightroom presets, click here.

I have been using this preset lately to give my Instagram stories a uniform look that stands out a little from photos that haven’t been toned. It’s a soft, desaturated dark look with blue tones in it.

As with any other Lightroom preset, it doesn’t work for any subject, but i think it’s pretty userful. Let me show you how it’s done:

The settings

Basic settings

Open the photo in Lightroom and go into the develop module (shortcut key D). On the basic panel, make the following changes to the settings:

  • Contrast: +30
  • Shadows: -7
  • Blacks: -5
  • Clarity -5
  • Saturation: -70
  • All other settings remain unchanged at 0

Tone curve

In the Tone curve panel, select “Medium contrast” in the drop-down. This will give you a slightly S-shaped curve.

Split toning

In the Split toning panel, make the following adjustments:

  • Highlight hue: 42
  • Highlight saturation: 18
  • Shadow hue: 227
  • Shadow saturation: 53

This will give you a color tone with warm orange highlights and cool blue tones in the shadows.

Add a vignette

That’s it! As a final touch, if you want, you can add a vignette. Open up the Effects panel and pull down the amount slider to about -20.

Save it as a preset

To save these settings as a preset for future use, simply click on the plus symbol on the presets tab. This brings up a window where you specify which of the settings you want to include in your preset. You can either click on the “Select all” button at the bottom or you can click on the ones we have made changes to. Choose a good name for your preset and click on the “Create” button.

Using a Lightroom preset

When you’re using a preset, keep in mind that you can still tweak the settings after you’ve applied the preset. If you come up with a good variation or a better version of the preset, go ahead and save that too.

Don’t buy Lightroom presets – make your own!


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