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Bye bye 2017

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New year’s is a good time to summarize what’s happened during the last year and start looking forward. I’ve had a feeling 2017 was kind of a slow year, but looking back now, i see progress and changes in some areas. I have learned so much during 2017 and all the small steps are starting to bear fruit. 

Food & drink

I finally got started with food photography. It’s been my ambition for a few years, but it really hasn’t been happening. I found this weekend course in Stockholm with Charlie Bennet and Sara Aasum Hultberg and decided to go even though it was kinda pricey. I’d say it was well worth it. Knowledge is almost always worth the investment.

Kurs i matfotografering med Charlie Bennet och Sara Aasum Hultberg

The course was great. I wrote a post about it here. This was posted during a short period when i decided to write in swedish. Sorry if that’s not your language.


I’m still working on my headshots and developing this part of my photography into a business. Some of my recent headshots can be seen here.

Headshot by photographer Mats Andersson, Sternhamra


I don’t go to many concerts where it’s convenient to photograph. I was very happy to get the opportunity to photograph the PSK street music festival in May. I did some research in preparation for this job, including an interview with the american concert photographer Josh Sisk and wrote about that in this post.

Photo from PSK in Stockholm 2017. Photo by Mats Andersson

Here is the post about my days at the festival and some of the photos that came out of it.


After a career of about ten years, my daughter and her friends quit playing handball. I’ll miss going to the games on the weekends and spending the evening hours editing and publishing the photos.

Damhandboll mellan Bajen IF och Skå IK i Farstahallen 2016-11-20. Skå IK vann md 19-33 efter att ha haft ledningen med ett mål i halvtid.

I’ll keep the last season laying around for a while, because it’s a legacy project and so many hours have gone into it. Also, i heard from one of the girls that she visits these pages occasionally when she misses her handball life.

My long-term projects

Rune stones

There wasn’t much progress on the rune stone project this year. I went up to Anundshög to scout the location. I will return in 2018 in more exciting lighting conditions.

Anundshög rune stone runsten photographer Mats Andersson, Stenhamra


I started working with photo compositing again. I took this online course at Phlearn, which really helped me get over the initial learning curve.

I have some really exciting ideas that i will be working on in 2018.


I haven’t travelled much this year. Just a short trip to Spain in October, where i shot some street and travel photography. There will definitely be more travelling from now on.

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