Create more consume less photo by Mats Andersson, Stenhamra

Create more, consume less

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I have to admit it – i’m a tutorial junkie. I watch free tutorials. I buy tutorials. There’s always one more thing to learn in photography. Learning is good, of course, but when it gets in the way of creating, it can actually be a form of procrastination. I’m a bit like that. Knowing stuff but not using it I …

Amending a bad decision

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Back in May, i made a decision to change the language on my blog and my site to swedish. I’m not going to say “I don’t know what i was thinking”, because i do, but over the summer, i’ve become increasingly uncomfortable with this decision. What i’m writing is about sharing ideas and things i’ve learned. Limiting the potential audience …

Sunrise landscape over Färingsö, Ekerö, Sweden

Summing up my photography year 2015

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For christmas 2014, i got myself a new camera, a Nikon D7100. A year later, i had about 22.000 exposures on it. I don’t have those kind of statistics for earlier years, but it feels i’ve using the camera a lot during 2015. It’s a great camera. I’ve posted a new photo on Instagram almost every single day during 2015. …

Guided presentation of the "land meets water" exhibition at the Artipelag museum in the Stockholm archipelago

“Land meets water” at Artipelag

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The Artipelag museum, near Gustavsberg in the Stockholm archipelago, is currently running a photo exhibition called “Land meets water”. I’ve been wanting to see this, so we picked a rainy day and went there. I actually hadn’t even seen the museum before and it turned out being very impressive. It’s an interesting building out in the archipelago. If you’re in the Stockholm area, …