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The rhubarb pie project

Let me tell you about a great food photography project i did recently. I got a message from my friend Fredrik. He asked if he could come over and shoot food with me in my […]

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Portfolio project – Mojitos

I’m building my food and drink portfolio and i wanted to create some drink shots. I made it a little personal project to shoot mojitos. Mojito – what’s that? If you don’t already know what […]

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Photo locations in Stockholm, part 2

This is the second part of my location hunting. I scouted this place on the same morning as the one i described in Photo locations in Stockholm part 1. I had the same dull light […]

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Photo locations in Stockholm, part 1

I got up early on Sunday morning. The plan was to scout a couple of photo locations in Stockholm. There are a few photos of the city that i really want to have. As with any […]

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