A green poisonous snake photographed at Skansen.

Let’s go on a hometown safari

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Just for fun and inspiration, what if you could go on a safari without all the investments in time, money and vaccine shots? I once wrote a post about being a tourist in your home town. I’m not sure how well i’ve lived up to my own recommendation, but a few weeks ago, a friend of mine suggested we’d go …

Mother and baby whale from Netflix Series "Tales of the light"

Tales by light on Netflix

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If you’re interested in photography and you have Netflix, you’re in for a treat. There’s a new TV series about photographers. It’s called “Tales by light”. In six episodes, we get to follow five photographer (Art Wolfe is in two episodes) in the field. Art Wolfe Art Wolfe goes photographing bears in Alaska, lions in Kenya using a camera mounted …

National geographic contract photographer Ami Vitale at Fotomässan, Stockholm

Ami Vitale – pure inspiration

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The National Geographic magazine has incredibly high standards for its photography. You’ll hardly ever see them publishing a shot that doesn’t make you stop and look again. Anyone who gets published in NatGeo is a superhero in my opinion. I just had the chance to see and hear one of them tell her stories and show her photos. I keep …

Sunrise at Drottningholm palace very early on a May morning

Photo locations in Stockholm – Drottningholms slott

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Drottningholm palace is the residence of the Swedish king and queen. It is also a great place for photography. I live nearby, so i have photographed this place and the surroundings many times. The palace is open for guided tours, which take you through parts of the palace, where the guide tells the interesting story of the place. The king and the …