In photography, it’s so easy, at least for me, to get caught up in cameras and lenses, apertures and shutter times and Lightroom and Photoshop tricks. But in the end, it’s all about the image, right? I figured i’d learn something about that elusive subject called composition. Composition isn’t something easily defined, such as ISO values or focal length. It’s about patterns and designs of a photo that seem to universally attract the human eye.

I found a great book on the subject of composition from a photography standpoint. It’s called “The photographer’s eye” and the author’s name is Michael Freeman.

The Photographer's eye. A book by Michael Freeman.

Strangely enough, i don’t own a lot of books on photography. Over the years, i have usually made up a collection of books on whatever i’ve been interested in, but photo books have never been interesting to me. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because the good ones are very expensive and usually very large and bulky.

This book explains basic components such as frame shape and dynamics, crop ratios and use of contrast and exposure. It moves on through perspective, use of lines and shapes and so many other subtopics of  what makes up the art of composition. Throughout the book, there are plenty of great examples. I’m sure this is a book i will be returning to in the future and gain some little new insight every time i pick it up.

Book The photographer's eye by Michael Freeman

I have no affiliation with the author or any bookstore selling it. I just thought i’d share what i fund helpful for my own photography.

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