Create more consume less photo by Mats Andersson, Stenhamra

Create more, consume less

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I have to admit it – i’m a tutorial junkie. I watch free tutorials. I buy tutorials. There’s always one more thing to learn in photography. Learning is good, of course, but when it gets in the way of creating, it can actually be a form of procrastination. I’m a bit like that.

Knowing stuff but not using it

I know some pretty advanced stuff. I know how to make advanced composites, how to create and use luminosity masks, how to retouch using frequency separation, how to create LUTs, presets and actions and things like that. Still, i don’t think i have created enough great photos where all this knowledge has come to use.

I was watching someone on YouTube a while ago who was talking about how he would see people come to his talks and come up to him afterwards and tell him how much they had learned and how much he had inspired them. Then he said something like “i fucking hate it when i come back two years later and those same people are still in the audience for a new fix of inspiration and they haven’t moved forward an inch on what they learned last time“. I don’t want to be that person.

Redirecting time to creation

I look at photos on Instagram a few times every day. Some days, i’m sure it adds up to half an hour. I’ll often tell myself it’s for inspiration, but to b honest, i rarely find something inspiring there. It’s mostly a waste of time. I could spend that half hour a day creating my own images instead of watching other people’s work. Now i will.

I have hundreds of good ideas that aren’t getting realized because instead of working on them, i spend my time plowing through yet another tutorial or looking at a hundred new photos of stacks of pancakes and cupcakes and chocolate chip cookies.

My theme for 2018 will be: CREATE MORE AND CONSUME LESS

Just create – all the time

It doesn’t have to be perfect. As long as something is being created, that’s good thing. Much better than looking at someone else’s stuff. It doesn’t have be a large print on the wall. A simple photo or video for an Instagram story is better than nothing.

@weedobooty Instagram stories Mata Andersson

A ripe pine cone with pine nuts

Dumbbells photo y Mats Andersson, Stenhamra

That’s it. Stay tuned and watch it happen. Gotta go, because the camera is lying over there, unused.

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