Dehaze in Adobe Lightroom

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A new version of Adobe Lightroom was released a while ago. It didn’t have a lot of new stuff, but there’s one little thing in there that i have been eager to try – the dehaze function. Well, it so happened i ended up on the golf course early one October morning. I was looking for this pond that i’d seen some potential in. It was foggy. The sun was coming up but it wasn’t burning away the fog at all. The fog was getting so thick at one point, i started to worry about not being able to find my way back to the club house.

I waited for the light for a little over an hour and ended up walking back with nothing but some dull fog shots in the bag. Back home at the computer, i figured i might as well give the dehaze function a try. It blew me away. I don’t see how they’ve done it. The team at Adobe say they’ve studied how light behaves in haze and built an algorithm to pull details and clarity out of that. I am very impressed. In this example, i’ve pushed it to the max. Look at the clubhouse in the far background (near the right edge). In the unprocessed image, it can not even be seen.

Clearly, pushing it as hard as i’ve done here has caused some artifacting in the sky, but i wanted to show this effect because i was so impressed with it.

Unprocessed image

Unprocessed image

Troxhammars golfbana

Image processed with dehaze, clarity and sharpening

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