My three favourite photography YouTubers

I follow a few photography channels on on YouTube. I thought i’d share my current top-three-list with you so you can enjoy them too. Here they are in no particular order:

Peter McKinnon

Mats Andersson fotograf Ekerö favourite YouTube channels for photography

Here’s the guy who took his YouTube channel from zero to a million subscribers in just nine months. If you watch him,  you’ll probably understand why. It’s fun, inspiring and energizing. Peter McKinnon talks about photography and videography in a very personal, fun and entertaining way.

He runs a vlog and a regular “Two-minute tuesday” video (that never stays within the two minute time frame). His videos are shot at home or out-and-about, sometimes with his buddies. The storytelling is fun to watch and the video quality is always excellent. Peter can even turn an errands run to the post office into an entertaining story.

Open PeterMcKinnon’s YouTube channel.

Thomas Heaton

Mats Andersson fotograf Ekerö favourite YouTube channels for photography

This is a channel dedicated to landscape photography. Thomas Heaton explains his thought processes and shares his struggles with rain, storms, hunger and waiting for light that just doesn’t happen.

Over the years, Thomas’ working field has varied from Norwegian winter fjords, to Iceland, Namibia, the alps and the occasional walk on his local beach and backyard forest. No matter where he sets up his tripod, he usually manages to produce photos that are “absolutely stunnin”.

Thomas Heaton on YouTube.

Sean Tucker

Mats Andersson fotograf Ekerö favourite YouTube channels for photography

I haven’t been watching Sean Tucker for long, but he’s sailed into my top three lately. This channel has a more low-key tone and is just as much about personal subjects as about the actual photography. Sean Tucker talks about his personal struggles with things like self-doubt, lack of inspiration and watching other photographers and being envious about their accomplishments.

The videos are very well produced and they all leave you with some beautiful photography and food for thought. Subjects vary from street photography, portraits and landscape to storytelling and editing.

Sean Tucker’s YouTube channel.

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