How to remove power lines with Photoshop

Do you have a picture with distracting power lines, flag poles or antennas? Let me show you how incredibly simple it is to get rid of that stuff using Photoshop.

I had this image of a gentleman driving an old tractor that i liked, but those power lines i found pretty annoying.

Power lines

Open up the image in Photoshop and select the Spot healing brush tool (shortcut J). Make sure that in the tool area above the image, the mode is set to Normal and the type is set to Content-Aware. Select a brush size that is about twice as thick as the line you wish to remove.

Spot healing brush tool

To remove the power lines, using the Spot healing brush tool, click at one end of a line and the hold down shift and click at the other end.

Photoshop remove power lines

Photoshop might need a few seconds to do this, but after that the line is gone, just like magic

Remove power line details

This works for other distracting details too. Try painting out antennas on roofs, flag poles and even distant people in pictures using the Spot healing brush tool.

Vteran tractor Bolinder-Munktell

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