Instagram housekeeping photo by fotograf Mats Andersson, Stenhamra, Ekerö

Instagram housekeeping

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I’m merciless on Instagram. I want my flow to be interesting and inspiring. For this reason, i regularly clean up my follow list. I don’t put up with old friend’s vacation photos or pet shots.

Post a selfie and you’re out

Usually if someone posts a selfie, i drop them immediately. If you’re not inspiring, creative, funny or interesting – hasta la vista baby! Now get me right. I’m not saying i meet all those criteria. I’m not sure i meet any of them with most of my photos. But i want my Instagram feed to be filled with as much wow and as little eye-rolling as possible.

So i clean out. Mercilessly! And then i go looking for new fresh stuff.

This kind of Instagram photography isn’t fun anymore

Lately, i’ve gone sick and tired of food photography. Since that’s where i want to grow, i have been adding a lot of food photographers and stylists. But they’re all mostly the same. They’re very talented at what they do, but i’ve come to realize i don’t want to shoot that style.

Let’s bring in something different

I’d much rather look at completely different genres and draw my inspiration from there. To be frank, right now i can’t stand another stack of blueberry pancakes with powdered sugar raining over it or another dark-style food arrangement with the table sprinkled with every food photographer’s favourite props: star anise and pieces of cinnamon. I bet that genre doesn’t need me adding my uninspired versions of those shots either. I’m unfollowing these people, except for some of the very best. 

So what’s new?

Let me show you a few of the accounts i’ve followed lately. 

I added abstractsunday because his images make me smile.

I  followed alenpalander because his consistency in tone is amazing.

I’m not tired of all food photography. I follow andrewscrivani because he handles light like a boss.

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