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How to post panoramas on Instagram

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If you’re using Instagram, i’m sure you have seen these posts that first look like they’re a series of images, but when you swipe left, it turns out to be a wide image. Let me show you how to prepare an image for this and post it on Instagram. It’s very easy.

Preparing the image

First of all, you need an image that is wide. It could be a series of images that have been stitched together or you can cut up a single image. As of this writing, the maximum resolution for a square image on Instagram is 2048 x 2048, but of course it can be smaller. In other words, if i cut up an image from my camera which shoots 6000 x 4000 px images, i’ll get three 2000 x 2000 px images which is almost the maximum. It doesn’t need to be a mega-sized image made up of several images stitched together.

Create the base panorama image

OK, let’s say we want to make a three-image panorama. We will need three images with the identical size that fit perfectly together. Begin by opening your image in Photoshop. Open the Crop tool (shortcut key C). In the top left drop-down, select Ratio. In the next field, type in 3 and in the next one, type in 1.

Instagram how to panorama

Now your crop tool is set up to make a perfect 3-to-1 aspect ratio crop. This means that the width of the cropped image will be three times longer than the height.

Next, drag out the crop until you have an image you like and then press enter to make the crop. You have now created your base 3-to-1 panorama.

Instagram panorama cropping photoshop

Cut your image into three pieces

moving on, let’s cut it up into three pieces. Begin by choosing your square marquee tool (shortcut key M). In the tool setting on top, choose Fixed ratio and type in 1 in both the width and height fields. We will be selecting a 1-to-1 ratio – square bits of the image. Continue by putting your pointer slightly left and above the top left corner and drag down and right to under the bottom edge of the image.

You have now made a perfect selection of the leftmost third of your image. Copy your selection by pressing Ctrl+C and then press Ctrl+N to create a new Photoshop document. Press Ctrl+V to paste your copied content into this new document. Now save this new document as a jpg file by pressing File->Export->Save for web (shortcut key Shift+Ctrl+Alt+S). Make sure you have selected the JPEG High preset in the top right field of the save for web dialog. Give the file a name that makes it easy to see it’s the left one.

Trim and repeat

Now continue by going back to your original image. With the left third still selected, press delete. This part of the image will now be transparent. Then choose the Image->Trim menu. Select Transparent pixels and make sure all our checkboxes are checked. Press OK and the left part of your image will be trimmed away.

Now choose the square marquee tool again and select the leftmost half of the image using the exact technique we used to save the first third. Go back to the original image and delete the selected left half and trim it as described above. After that, all that’s left is the final square. Save that using File->Export->Save for web and now you have your three perfect thirds. Finish by – and this is important – closing your original image without saving it. We don’t want your original panorama file to end up a square third, do we?

Transfer to your phone

Next, transfer your three images to your phone using your preferred method. Make sure your images are in your gallery/camera roll depending on what kind of phone you’re using.

Posting your panorama on Instagram

After that, let’s head over to Instagram. Open the app in your phone. Click on the Add post button and then click on the multi-image symbol.

Instagram panorama add post

Instagram panorama multi-image

Now you can select your three images and the click on the Next button. If you got your images in the wrong order, you can rearrange them by simply dragging them into the correct order to make up your panorama.

Instagram panorama multi image

Type in your caption an click on Share and you’re done! Please tag your post #weedobooty because it would be nice to know that this information helped you.

And hey – follow me on Instagram!

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