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She shoots, she scoresI went to yet another of my daughter’s handball games and came back with about 400 images. Light conditions are usually pretty bad and the images are blurry due to long exposure times, but there are often a few that are filled with action and worth sharing. Here’s how i process the whole bunch in less than an hour:

  • Download all images to the computer (if that was a surprise, you can stop reading)
  • Open up Lightroom and go through every image in Loupe mode. I grade them in four levels: 1-trash, 3-maybe, 4-keep, 5-great. While doing this, i also keep in mind that all players should be represented in the slideshow that is the end product. (I keep forgetting our poor goalkeeper, who’s always at the other end of the hall)
  • Delete all the trash permanently. Usually, about 80% of the images are trash.
  • Go though all the 3’s and grade them either as 1’s or 4’s
  • Delete all the 3’s just downgraded to 1’s. I’m getting better at making this decision in the first stage, but often this one is about all players getting represented.
  • Go through all the 4’s and delete any that aren’t good enough or if there’s a better version of the same player/game situation
  • Bring up the develop module and:
  • Add some clarity
  • Add some sharpening
  • Add quite a bit of noise reduction (i shoot at ISO 3200, so there’s quite a bit of noise in the images)
  • Build a slideshow and export it to this web

If you do something similar and have suggestions for improvements in this workflow, please send me a message using the contact form.

The slideshow? It’s the top one here.

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