Location hunting

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One of my goals this year is to take more landscape photos.With all the time off from work over the holidays, i’ve been able to drive around and look for great locations. This one is a place i’ve had my eyes on before and on this particular day we had a storm coming in. It was blowing pretty hard, but for some reason, the water remained totally calm. When i thought about it afterwards, i figured out there was probably ice on the lake with a layer of water on top of it.

With the clouds moving across the sky, it would have made a perfect long exposure image, but my hands were freezing so bad, i couldn’t get my Big Stopper filter out. Note to self: bring gloves.

This is a single exposure with just some minor Lightroom adjustments. I pulled down the highlights and opened up the shadows a little, established black- and white points. Then i added a few local adjustments and that’s it.

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