Home made charging station for camera batteries

A charging station for my camera batteries

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You know what it’s like – your chargers are either missing or tangled up in a mess every time you need them. So were mine – until recently. I have a couple of Nikon DSLRs, a Fujifilm camera, a couple of compact Nikons, some power banks, a few smartphones and whole bunch of rechargeable AA batteries for flashes and LED lights. The chargers for all these devices were all tangled up in a mess on the floor next to my desk. It was draining my energy (pun intended).

Home made camera battery charging station

I found the answer watching Casey Neistat on YouTube

While watching a Casey Neistat video on YouTube a while ago, i noticed in the background a clever arrangement of electrical devices that became the inspiration for a charging station, bringing all my chargers together in an easily accessible place, always plugged in and ready to go.

I cut up a few pieces of 12 mm MDF board and put them together so that i have a board with a small shelf on it. The shelf is for charging phones, small cameras and power banks and it has a few cuts to hold the phone charger contacts when they’re not used.

Camera battery charging station

Telephone charging station

Under the shelf is a power strip where all the chargers are connected. The cables are bundled up behind the board so that nothing is hanging out. 

I mounted this on the wall by simply drilling a hole in the board and mounting a hook on the wall to hang it. This essentially makes the entire charging station portable. If i want to, i can just unplug the power strip and bring the whole charging station with me. 

Homemade camera battery charging station

What if i need a charger somewhere else?

Well, i thought of this too. All the chargers are mounted on the board using “Extra strong hook and loop tape“, which is essentially industrial strength velcro on tape. If i need to bring one of the chargers somewhere, i just pull it loose and i can simply press it back on when i’m back.

Can it be improved?

I expect to find improvements for this thing. If you have any ideas or if you’ve made one of your own, please comment below.

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