New Lightroom version new features

New Lightroom version

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Maybe you noticed there was a new Lightroom Classic release last week. It’s a minor release, but it’s got some new features i really like. Let me show you some of the improvements they made:

Search function in the folder panel

Nice. Now you can filter your folder list with this search field in the top of the folders panel. I work more and more folder-based, so i will be using this. I guess it depends on how you’ve organized your photos. If you’re good at keywording, it might not be a big deal for you.

New Lightroom version new fatures

Favourite folders

This one is great. You can now mark folders and collections as favourites. Your favorites become available in the quick access bar. Click in the black bar and your favourite folders are listed in the middle of the list that pops up. I imagine i will be marking the folders i’m currently working on as favorites to be able to access them quickly and easily this way.

New Lightroom version new features
New Lightroom version new features

Also, you can filter by favourite folders in the new folder search function, described above. The search field has a drop-down for favourites.

New Lightroom version new features

To remove a folder or collection from the favourite list, there’s an option for that on the menu that pops up when you click on the black toolbar.

New Lightroom version new features

Create collections from folders

Now you can create collections from folders, either by dragging a folder into the collections panel or by right-clicking on it and selecting “Create folder”. I don’t use collections that much, so i don’t see myself using this function a lot. Maybe if you’re synchronizing with Lightroom on your mobile devices, it’s a big improvement.

New Lightroom version new features

Edited/unedited flag in search and filters

Honestly, i thought this already existed. There is already a flag called “Has adjustments”, which apparently doesn’t include images that have only been cropped. Edited includes photos that have only been cropped.  Anyway – you can now filter your photos by edited/unedited. It is also available as a quick filter option I will be creating a few smart collections like “edited past month” to be able to find photos that i maybe started working on but forgot about.

New Lightroom version new features

New Lightroom version new features

Performance improvements

Oh yes, do i have expectations on this one. Adobe say they have been working with processor manufacturers to make Lightroom use the processors more effectively, especially for users with multi-core and 12 GB of memory or more. I fall in that category and i can’t wait to see it. I haven’t made any benchmark tests to time the improvements, but this is what they tell us to expect:

  • Faster imports and exports
  • Faster preview generation
  • Faster rendering of adjustments in develop (can’t wait to see less choppy crop and angle adjustments)
  • Faster jumps between images in Loupe view and Develop module
  • Faster panorama and HDR merges


Adobe won’t talk much about this, but i sure hope they’ve put in a bunch of bug fixes. I’m hoping the occasional freezes and crashes i’ve been experiencing over the last few months will be gone from now on.

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