Photo locations in Stockholm, part 2

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This is the second part of my location hunting. I scouted this place on the same morning as the one i described in Photo locations in Stockholm part 1. I had the same dull light as in that post, but the main purpose was to scout the location for future use. Actually, i only went to the southeast part of the island. The west side should have an excellent view of Gamla stan (old town) and the north east faces the Wasa museum and Strandvägen, which should be interesting photo opportunities too, given the right conditions.


Skeppsholmen is a fairly small island right in the middle of central Stockholm. It’s easily accessible by car, bike or by foot. It’s also easy to get here by boat. From where i took these test shots, there’s a great view across the water of Gröna lund, which is an amusement park.

Photo locations in Stockholm Gröna lund shot taken from Skeppsholmen

Gröna lund

Of course, it wasn’t open on an early Sunday morning in February, but i’m sure great photos can be taken here on summer nights. This shot on 500px was taken from the position i have pointed out.

In the other direction, also across the water, is Södermalm. There’s the photographic museum and large boats in front of a steep cliff with the Södermalm skyline facing the water on top of it. I’m guessing it looks its best at night or at sunrise. I haven’t been able to find any good examples of this view. This is my reference shot.

Photo locations in Stockholm Södermalm taken from Skeppsholmen across the water on a winter morning.


Photo locations in Stockholm. Skeppsholmen, Södermalm, Gröna lund, fotografiska museet, Stadsgårdsskajen, Wasamuseet

Google earth view of the locations. The exact position is latitude 59.3245 and longitude 18.0850.

Sun times

  • January 15, sunrise 08.32, sunset 15.34
  • February 15, sunrise 07.26, sunset 16.41
  • March 15, sunrise 06.05, sunset 17.53
  • April 15, sunrise 05.34, sunset 20.07
  • May 15, sunrise 04.16, sunset 21.17
  • June 15, sunrise 03.32, sunset 22.07
  • July 15, sunrise 03.58, sunset 21.48
  • August 15, sunrise 05.05, sunset 20.36
  • September 15, sunrise 06.16, sunset 19.07
  • October 15, sunrise 07.26, sunset 17.39
  • November 15, sunrise 07.42, sunset 15.22
  • December 15, sunrise 08.39, sunset 14.47

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