Two moving trains by the platform in the Solna Strand station in the Stockholm subway

Photo locations in Stockholm, part 3

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The Solna Strand subway station

How would you like to have an entire subway stations all for yourself? This may sound like a fantasy, but in some hours of the week, that can easily come true. Just keep reading.

In the Stockholm subway, on the blue line, is a station called Solna strand. The decoration in this station is a number of large cubes stuck in the ceiling, walls and the platform itself. The ceiling is pretty high. It’s a bit dark, so make sure you bring a tripod. The cubes are pained sky blue with white fluffy clouds on them. The walls are dark gray and there’s a moody atmosphere.

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What’s cool with this station is that it’s often almost deserted. Come here in the evening or on a Sunday afternoon and there will be periods when you have the whole platform all for yourself. At the south end of the platform, no one ever goes because there is not exit at that end. That’s where took this shot from. I didn’t clone out any people from the platform. It was completely empty.

Two moving trains by the platform in the Stockholm subway


The escalators are pretty long, which also leaves a few opportunities for creative photography

To get here, you take subway of course. Get on the blue line with destination Husby. Note that the blue line splits into two lines at Västra skogen and you need to get on the right leg of it.

For more information about the Stockholm subway system, visit SL.

If you’re looking for more photo locations in Stockholm, i’ve written a few other posts like this one. One of them is this one and there’s also this one. Good luck. Please send me a message if you used this tip and let me see the pictures you took.

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