Sunrise landscape over Färingsö, Ekerö, Sweden

Summing up my photography year 2015

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For christmas 2014, i got myself a new camera, a Nikon D7100. A year later, i had about 22.000 exposures on it. I don’t have those kind of statistics for earlier years, but it feels i’ve using the camera a lot during 2015. It’s a great camera. I’ve posted a new photo on Instagram almost every single day during 2015.

Lots of landscapes

I’ve spent more time photographing landscapes this past year. I’ve scouted locations, studied sunrise- and sunset tables and gone out and waited for the light. I really enjoy this and expect to do it even more in 2016. One of the highlights was this morning in Montreux, Switzerland, which i wrote about in a post called A trip to Switzerland.

A view of the french alpes across lake Geneva from Montreux, Switzerland.

A detour into micro stock photography

I started out 2015 thinking i wanted to sell my photos on micro stock sites. I spent a lot of time setting up accounts, doing research and creating a workflow for keywording and uploading photos for a number of micro stock sites i had chosen. I hadn’t realized that most of my photos have no market value. I won’t go out and take pictures of what i think can sell. I want to shoot what i think is fun, interesting or beautiful. I also learned that some of my photos were not technically OK. That was a great lesson. But in the end, i just felt cheap selling my photos for 35 cents a piece. I took my photos off these sites and closed my accounts.

The rune stone project

I’ve told most of this story in a post called the Rune stone project. This effort will continue. Actually, it’s time to get out and get some photos of the rune stones with snow on them.

Rune stone in Runriket, Täby kyrkby, Sweden. Carved a thousand years ago by vikings.


I have photographed my daughter’s handball team for about eight or nine years. Given the conditions – most games are played in places with less than optimal lighting condítions – i didn’t think anything could be improved. But i see that i’ve improved my workflow for these shoots. I’ve also improved my post processing, paying more attention to white balance and exposure, which has improved the photos. I started using as monopod, which has given me a much larger percentage of sharp images. I have so many photos from the matches, that have previously only been accessible to the girls in the team and their parents. I’m planning to open up those pages shortly.

Handball game for girls born 1999-2000

Black and white

I have never been able to get the kind of black and white photos i wanted using Lightroom. I found this book called “From Oz to Kansas“, which explains digital black and white photography in great detail. I helped a lot. Nik Silver Efex Pro is the tool to use. I already had it. Now i know how to use it too.

A young girl doing her homework while listening to music in white Urbanears headphones

A new camera, the Fujifilm X100T

I bought an X100T in November. I love it. I’ll write more about it in future posts.


Much of this blog is about my learning and sharing it here. I’ve taken a few great courses on Creative live this year:

Some very useful things i’ve learned on my own are:

Plans and hopes for 2016

I’m continuing this journey in 2016, of course. I am thinking about where i want to go this year and i’m sure it will be in a post in the near future.



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