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How to post panoramas on Instagram

If you’re using Instagram, i’m sure you have seen these posts that first look like they’re a series of images, but when you swipe left, it turns out to be a wide image. Let me […]

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The handball team photographer

My daughter has been playing handball for many years. I’ve been photographing her team the whole time. After almost every game, i’ve processed hundreds of photos, selected the good ones and posted them on this […]

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Summing up my photography year 2015

For christmas 2014, i got myself a new camera, a Nikon D7100. A year later, i had about 22.000 exposures on it. I don’t have those kind of statistics for earlier years, but it feels […]

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Processing lots of photos

I often take my camera out to take pictures and return home with hundreds of photos to work on. When i shoot my daughter’s handball games, i’ll often take 600-700 pictures. I have a fairly […]

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Rectangular Instagram

I love Instagram. It’s great. But the square format can be limiting. Sometimes i’ve had great pictures that i wanted to share, but i couldn’t because they didn’t work when cropped to a square format. […]

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