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Learning in 2016

I sat down the other day and thought about what i want to learn in 2016. It soon boiled down to three main areas that i will focus on: DSLR video Long exposures Compositing Let […]

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You already have a great camera

I very often hear people say “i wish i had a really good camera, so i could take pictures like that”. Apart from being slightly offensive, saying that is pretty ignorant. I ask these people […]

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Wrapping up 2014

2014 has been a great year for my photography. Looking back, i can’t believe how much i’ve learned. I thought i’d take a moment to summarize it. This year’s favourite shots It’s funny. My favourite […]

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Understand the exposure triangle

If you’re getting into photography, there will usually be someone a little more experienced there who starts telling you about shutter speeds and apertures and maybe you even try to get it, but you just […]

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