Free Lightroom preset

Create your own Lightroom preset

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If you’re a Lightroom user, i’m sure you’re aware of presets. A Lightroom preset is a package of settings that can be applied to one or multiple images with a single click. Lightroom presets can be a great time-saver and a source of inspiration when you’re editing your photos. They can also be what defines your photographic style, a set …

You don’t need a wide lens to take a wide shot

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Would you be interested in learning how to go from the shot on the left to the one on the right without changing lenses? It’s easy. Let me show you how to do it. A six image panorama from the Stockholm subway I was in the Stockholm subway to take some pictures. I came to the Rådhuset station where i …

Adobe Lightroom keeywords on photos

How to keyword your photos

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If you’re a Lightroom user, you have access to some really effective tools for keywording your photos. Let me show you how i work with keywords The benefits of keywording With good keywords on your photos, you’ll be able to find any of them easily just by searching in Lightroom. If you publish your shots on photo sites, such as Flickr …

Three happy guys with Lightroom preset Drama 2

Lightroom presets to emulate Snapseed drama filters

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I use the Snapseed app (the Android version) for my smartphone photos and photos that i upload from my wi-fi cameras to the phone. Actually, i may even have brought some of my camera pictures into Snapseed on my phone for some final touches, but that’s a whole different story. Let me show you how to create some of Snapseed’s effects and how …