Sunrise landscape over Färingsö, Ekerö, Sweden

Summing up my photography year 2015

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For christmas 2014, i got myself a new camera, a Nikon D7100. A year later, i had about 22.000 exposures on it. I don’t have those kind of statistics for earlier years, but it feels i’ve using the camera a lot during 2015. It’s a great camera. I’ve posted a new photo on Instagram almost every single day during 2015. …

Three happy guys with Lightroom preset Drama 2

Lightroom presets to emulate Snapseed drama filters

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I use the Snapseed app (the Android version) for my smartphone photos and photos that i upload from my wi-fi cameras to the phone. Actually, i may even have brought some of my camera pictures into Snapseed on my phone for some final touches, but that’s a whole different story. Let me show you how to create some of Snapseed’s effects and how …

Two versions of an image, the original and a version using Lightrooms dehaze function

Revisiting images with the Lightroom dehaze tool

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As i mentioned in an earlier post, a recent version of Adobe Lightroom brought a new function called dehaze. Adobe say they have developed an algorithm to remove haze, which i think is pretty impressive. I went into my Lightroom catalog looking for images that i had not worked on because i had deemed them too hazy, One of the …