The making of a photo – Or three?

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I woke early on Sunday morning. I’ve never been a big fan of sleeping in, so i got up. As i looked out, i could see that it was frosty and there was a lot of fog, but the sun was coming up and it looked like the fog would be clearing. I hesitated for about half a minute, weighing the comfort of breakfast with the sunday crosswords or digging out the winter clothes and scraping the frost off the car windows. It was an easy decision of course. I packed up the camera bag and the tripod och got my down jacket out first time for the season. I lit up a hand warmer and put it in my pocket to keep my hands warm.

The fog was going back and forth and it was getting brighter. I had no specific place to go, but i had an idea about an area with open fields facing east, where the sun would soon be rising. When i got there, the fog was dense and it looked pretty hopeless, but after just a few minutes, it started clearing up and i could see the sun lighting up the top of the fog in the distance. I got out and quickly set up my tripod to shoot a scene with a road as a leading line into the picture.

Sun lighting up the fog

Sun lighting up the fog

As i stood there, i noticed a field just some 50 meters away. it had some trees on it and i figured they’d make great silhouettes against the sun in 10-15 minutes when the sun got up over the tree tops.

October sunrise

Sunrise behind the trees

As i turned around, i could see a third scene developing. If i could just get some of that golden morning light on a line of trees, that might make for an interesting panorama if the leaves had enough interesting colors in them. I couldn’t tell yet.

I went back to the first position and too a few more shots and then returned to wait for the sun to light up the trees in the field. There wasn’t much of interest in the sky, so i decided to include more of the foreground in the composition. The dark green grass makes a great structure with the crisp white frost on it. I ended up taking two pictures with the intention of stitching hem into a panorama. Also, i bracketed these shots since the scene went from fairy dark to the bright sun shining through the fog.

The panorama version

The panorama version

Unfortunately, the third scene never worked out. This is the best i was able to get out of that one. Not much of a picture.

Treeline in morning fog

Trees in the fog


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