Simple tricks to look better in photos. Fotograf Mats Anderson, Stenhamra, Ekerö.

Three ways to look your best in photos

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Are you one of those people who says “i never look good in photos”? Did you know there are a few tricks that will guarantee that you look a lot better in front of the camera. Keep reading – i’ll show you:

“The squinch”

This is a trick that many actors and models use. The american headshot photographer Peter Hurley calls it “The squinch”. It’s little trick with the eyes that makes a fantastic difference. It’s a little like squinting with your eyes, but not really.

What you need to do is raise your lower eyelids a few millimeters without changing the position of your upper eyelids and without straining any of your other small muscles around your eyes. It sounds simple, but you probably have to practice a little in front of a mirror before you get it right.

Profilbild, Porträtt, fotograf Mats Andersson, Stenhamra, Ekerö
Profilbild, Porträtt, fotograf Mats Andersson, Stenhamra, Ekerö


This trick is a little easier. You push your face two-three centimeters (about an inch) straight toward the camera. Imagine a string between the tip of your nose and the lens of the camera and someone pulling that string. Again – practice in front of a mirror.

Seen from the side, this may look a little weird, but seen from the camera, it does wonders. Notice how your face firms up and the jaw line becomes more defined and those double chins become less visible or disappear entirely.

Profilbild, Porträtt, fotograf Mats Andersson, Stenhamra, Ekerö

Forget the maniac smile

Not many people can produce a natural smile on demand. The typical reaction when someone is in front of a camera is that you’re supposed to smile. The photographer yells “smile” or “say cheese” and you end up with a face where the mouth may look something like a smile but it looks totally fake. You’ll never be happy with an image like that.

This is actually the photographer’s responsibility. A good photographer will make you feel comfortable in front of the camera. He or she will tease out your natural reactions and make sure to take the photo at the exact right moment. You will get a selection of good images to choose between.

A photo shoot should be like a good conversation where you forget about the camera. The photographer helps you find poses that feel comfortable and look good. You will get that photo that you can use as a profile photo and be proud of it.

Maybe you’ll even print it and frame it and give it to someone who would be happy to have your portrait on the wall.

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