Travel photography at home

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I dream of going places to only take pictures: to drive up and down the Pacific coast of California and Oregon and take beautiful pictures of the sea, to shoot sunsets in the Florida keys, street photography in Berlin or Tokyo, night shots in Paris, landscapes in the south west of England… The list is long. But let’s face it, unless you’re very fortunate, not many days in a year will look like that.

But let’s try a different view of this. Pick out a few if your favorite photographers. Now, in your imagination, send them on a trip – to your place. Have them live in your home for a week and give them the mission to take interesting and beautiful photos there for a full week. What would they do? Where would they go? What pictures would they capture in your home, in your backyard or on day trips out of your place?

I live on a beautiful island just west of Stockholm, Sweden. We have a beautiful lake with sunsets and sunrises. We have viking graves and runestones, we have a quarry that’s been used to shoot numerous movies and i’m sure it can look great in the right light. We have a pretty high hill with a ski slope and i’m sure the view from that hill is spectacular. Never been there.

Drottningholm golf course

We have apple orchards and castles with large parks. There are beautiful forests and scenic golf courses and there’s a small airport where i’m sure someone would let you join him for a tour around the area. Not far away, there’s Stockholm with all its beauty and the archipelago with thousands of islands with easy access by boat. Sweden’s national arena for horse racing is half an hour away with races every wednesday and sometimes on the weekends too.

The list goes on and on. If  you think about it, i’m sure it does for you too. Get out there with your camera and take great pictures.

Oh, here’s a photo from the quarry, by the way, on one of the grayest days of the year. I’ll return until i get a spectacular shot there.Gray winter in the Stenhamra quarry


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